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Our Technology

JFI Medical, powered by Teledactyl, helps organizations break down barriers to care with customized technology solutions. We help underserved communities via health technology through a network of securely connected organizations. Our mission is to achieve health equity across the United States by reducing costs and increasing access to quality care. Our offerings include:

COVID-19 Notification and Contact Tracing

Public COVID-19 testing options are insufficient and contact tracing has not been made a priority across all states. For schools, venues and many offices to reopen safely, you need reliable access to testing with an adaptable plan.

We provide a comprehensive system for managing and quickly responding to the spread of the novel coronavirus in your spaces and communities.



  • Provide certified & trained staff for sampling and QA

  • Ensure fast turnaround of test results

  • Notify results through one-of-kind technology

  • Perform contact tracing for positive results

  • Provide patients a “health passport” for entry

  • Generate reports for your needs

Virtual Telemedicine

Not all telemedicine platforms are the same and most only solve one piece of the puzzle. Ours is the simplest, most cost effective way to see your clients virtually.


Features include:

  • Appointments sync to Google, Office365, Outlook, iCal

  • Messaging and video chat to communicate across the care team as if you were in the office

  • Private rooms to examine or consult patients and the ability to invite caregivers or team members as needed

  • Secure file upload and download

  • Whiteboard and .pdf capabilities to view, draw and share with two-way communication

  • Recording video sessions for upload to patient's EMR

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